About Zoti Sports

About us

ZOTI SPORTS is a multisports brand and established in 2007

Zoti Sports was established in October 2006 offering sports clothing in a range of eleven sports.

In December 2006, Zoti Sports had signed their first major club partnership with Antwerp RFC in Belgium. Already Zoti Sports had a number of agents working globally and had established a base in Hong Kong.

Much of Zoti Sports immediate success can be attributed to the range of bespoke playing, training and casual sports garments offered in a wide range of sports.

In 2007, Zoti Sports further developed its website with the addition of a multifunctional ordering system. This allows the customer full access to choosing and designing garments to individual specifications.

Zoti Sports also created improvements in their catalogue ensuring customers gained an enhanced representation of the garments and simplified the ordering process.

In 2007, Zoti Sports became proud sponsors of many more tournaments and build up strong relationship with clubs in Sweden and Belgium with local Agents and being the main kit supplier to some of the Tournaments in the area.

2008 saw the continued expansion of Zoti Sports into the European market establishing partnerships with major clubs and also national sides. This can be attributed to the growing number of agents Zoti Sports have operating in a number of European countries such as Netherlands various part of United Kingdom.

Zoti Sports became the kit supplier to the Swedish Rugby National side as well as a number of established Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Basketball clubs such as Musselburgh RFC, Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club, Bridlington RFC, Sweden Rugby Academy, Sweden Referees, T’Gooi RFC, Sparta RFC and many others.

Zoti Sports developed its electronic ordering system and build a new catalogue to simplify the ordering success which brought a lot of success in UK, Europe and New Zealand for the Company.

In 2010, Zoti Sports has now developed a full-time online ordering system and have worked very closely with its Agents in Belgium, New Zealand, Scotland, Netherlands and Sweden has seen growth in both the number of sports clubs and tournaments that Zoti is partnered with. Zoti sports is now the Official kit supplier to Canterbury Rugby Referees Association, Scottish Volleyball Association, Scottish Volleyball Referees Association, Singapore Cricket Association and Flanders Open Rugby Tournament.

Terms & Condition

Zoti Sports ensures best and correct way of proceeding orders to all loyal customers.

We therefore put all the things into correct passage and move forward with the corrects and easy terms & conditions as mentioned below :

  1. Zoti Sports uses the professional way of trade as to the payments are to be paid prior use of Merchandise
  2. Deposits are required from new customers.
  3. Orders will then be proceed for production within 48 working hours
  4. Details of kit will asked from the customer to be confirmed before we go ahead with production and if therefore any error occurs , customer will be liable for pay for the purchase. If the error occurs from our colleague which is not agreed between us and the customer , please contact us immediately for further enquiry.
  5. Zoti Sports holds the right to reject any order which will not be done by the company.
  6. Zoti Sports will advise you a comfortable and reasonable delivery date and we may require additional charges if urgent delivery is required dependant on the situation.
  7. Customer are required to make payments for the merchandise before use of them as our colleague will inform the customer about delivery and arrangement of payments.
  8. If any change of circumstance during production , customer are required to inform immediately and if possible we will work according to the changes , otherwise the original confirmed details will be followed and Zoti sports holds right to ask for payment on it.
  9. Customer is requested to pay the balance outstanding for the goods (or payment in full incase the deposit was not requested) to prior dispatch of goods.
  10. Once payment is received then the goods will be dispatched immediately to arrive with the customer within 3days or 7days depending on the type of the freightage method customer asks for .
  11. Incase of any errors on the production , customer is requested to inform Zoti Sports within 7 working days of receipt of the goods by phone or email . Normally our Salesman will call the customer within that period to check on the received goods.
  12. Zoti Sports would like to work closely with all the customers and would appreciate your comments and will deal them with experts to work out for better results for both Zoti Sports and customers.

Order Handling


All enquiries are handled quickly and with a meticulous attention to details.Customers will receive information of the design and prices of the garments that were selected.After confirmation of the design specifications Zoti Sports will provide a detailed quotation and a jobsheet that contains the sizes, quantity and graphics of the garments ordered.


Zoti Sports will provide an order confirmation that should be checked by the customer and then confirmed. After the jobsheets are to be signed off by customer the order is processed by Zoti Sports within 24 hours for production.Between then and the production Zoti Sports will send an invoice to the customer and will require 50% of the payment as a deposit prior to dispatching the garments.


Zoti Sports are able to produce all garments, even goods that require bespoke design and graphic, are produced in 5 weeks and are delivered to the customer during the 6th week.During the production process Zoti Sports ensures that no mistakes are made through constant communication with clients such as reconfirmation of both embroidery and print samples from images of the actual garments.


The garments are thoroughly checked prior dispatch from the Zoti Hong Kong office to ensure that they will meet the expectations of the client.Deliveries are dispatched within 48 hours after arriving in Zoti Sports Headquarters.Goods are scheduled on arrival with client within period of 2 days to 5 days dependant of the method of the shipment method the client chooses.


Zoti Sports provide the customer with an order tracking number and also follow up to ensure that the garments have been received by the customer and that they are completely satisfied.Zoti Sports prides itself in building, maintaining and strengthening relationships with each end every client.