Shop Builder FAQ
1 : How can I make a club shop with Zoti ?
- We can provide you with EXPRESS SHOP straightaway if you partner up with us for your club wear , contact us on for further information and just put the topic of your e-mail EXPRESS SHOP.

2 : How does the shop operate ?
- Our shop is totally free of charge and hassle free solution for club wear , open 24/7 around the year and delivery is direct to the door for any item purchased here within 3 weeks of your order placement
3 : What if my design is not there ?
- Let us know the design you are interested from our website and we will get it up for you for your shop selection
4 : What is the lead time?
- Orders are proceed and dispatched to arrive with you within 28 days however we cannot control any slight delay chance occurring by any natural cause.

5 : What are sizes ?
- All items are available in unisex size but total availability of ladies sizes in majority items.
- View quick size chart
- We run standard UK sizes on all our items
6 : What are available cuts ?
- Unisex items with straight cuts
- Ladies items with ladies cut
- Pro-Fit items with fitted cuts accordingly
7 : Can I personalize my products ?
- Most items available with possibility of Initials , names and numbers option.
- You can click on the box next to your item and if it is available for text , that option will be available for personalization on the product

8 : Standards
- Initials are only available up to 6 letters , anything more than 6 letters will be regarded and charged for a name
- You may not be able to type more than 6 letters in the “INITIALS” section and you will have to put it in the “NAMES” section if available
- We used capital letters for all our personalization
- Numbers or any other invalid font is not allowed in the INITIALS or NAME section
9 : Initials and Names etc.
- Our standard right chest Initials are 1cm high letters unless agreed otherwise with the club.
- They apply on right chest/leg under the Zoti logo unless agreed otherwise with the club.
10 : How are the orders packed ?
- Each order is packed according to items you have placed with a copy of your invoice accompanied
11 : Why I incur the delivery charge ?
- There is no delivery charge on orders unless you don’t meet our minimum spending of as stated on the Notes of the shop on a single order , this is simply due to the postage charges involved in sending the parcel to you.
- Any order over a spend of "discount break point" as stated in Notes will mean a discount of a certain % to you and free delivery on the spend of that amount or above on a single order
- Please NOTE delivery charges are calculated on placement of your orders , any order with less than the minimum amount placed will be charged with the Postage/Delivery charge which is non-refundable
12 : Where do we deliver?
- We can deliver anywhere in the world , if you may occur extra charges for a delivery which can be in a very remote area, we will notify you before sending out the shipment
13 : What are opening times of the shop?
- Shop is open all year around and 24 hours a day all days a week , if you see the EXPRESS SHOP closed it will simply be due to technical problems
14 : How do I pay ?
- All shops are operated easy and quick payment solution through paypal , alternatively you can pay through credit card which you can see the link when you are guided to the paypal section and simply go to “ PAY WITH MY CREDIT CARD”
15 : The shop is not reacting to my browser ?
- Our shop is compitable all latest version of software through major browsers , however , we recommend you to use Google Chrome. If you the browser may not react it may be simply the case of you updating your browser to the latest version
16 : Can I make changes to my order after placed ?
- Since the order is placed for production immediately on your payment , unfortunately any changes cannot be done after that and the placed order is chargeable.
Incase of any changes you may wish to have , will need to place another different order.
- In any case you have placed a wrong order or size and we have time to make amendments for you , the handling fee for the change will be charged at GBP 7/case or US 12/case or equivelant amount chargeable for the service
17 : Cancel a placed order and refund ?
- We can ONLY refund you a PLACED order within 3 working days of its placement if you wish to cancel and ask for refund.
- Due to our involvement of manual work on your request and time of our colleague and cost involved , there will be a charge of GBP 7/case or US 12/case or equivelant amount chargeable for the service.

- Normally we will refund you within 7-10 working days or timeframe agreed by our salesperson/customer support.
18 : Can we make money for the Club ?
- Yes , you can. Talk to us and we will put something together for you.
- Our idea is to have the products availalbe for the members at reasonable and the club benefit from their spending.